There was a time when people used to hire video editors to do the job, but nowadays it’s the same person who does all the job including the editing work. Even though you need to have some prior knowledge about the editing stuff. 

Record a simple video, and drop the raw footage in the workspace of the editor. Try the editing options, and learn how it actually works. You can also Google the complete tutorial videos for the beginners and learn how to get started!

Best Video Editing Apps Mostly used by the YouTubers

Video Editing Apps

If you are planning to set up a vlog channel of yours, then it is important that you consider the video editing apps you are considering to use. Following are the top suggestions that you can go with:

Pinnacle Studio

This one is a high-end video editing tool that comprises many features on it. Pinnacle has been rated among the easy software options, even though it may be confusing in the beginning. You can share the video directly to Facebook, YouTube, and any other platform that you wish to share.

Final Cut Pro

Next on the list is the Final Cut Pro, which comes with two modes on it – Standard and the Advanced version. Switching between the modes is easy, and even the interface is clutter-free.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a timeline based video editor, and it is called as the best professional editor platform for the beginners. One-click video sharing ensures quick uploads to all the social networking sites you are working upon.

iMovie – Apple

This one is a free video editor which is available for all the Mac Users. It consists of many cool features and could work really well for all your YouTube uploads. This $15 worth software is freely available on all the Mac platforms.

AVS Movie Editor

The final one on the list is the AVS Movie Editor, and it has a numerous number of editing options and filter effects that you can choose from. Also to note, that the developers have made the application much simple on each update. It supports all the formats which are available from HD to Adobe Flash.

So, these are my recommendations for the Video Editing Softwares that are also used by the YouTubers. Which one is your go-to software? And, why? Share your answers in the comment section below.

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