Don’t get me wrong buddy, but if you are still using the same Mac Apps for the past one year, then you are Missing out on a LOT! There are many newer and older Mac Apps which are doing incredibly great, but maybe you are not aware of it (because of laziness or may be you are not into the apps much!)

Anyway, no matter how much you are into the tech world – these MacBook apps will surely change the way you work!

The Must-Have Apps for a Mac Book User

Do you know the purpose of sharing the Mac apps with you?

Apps for MacBook

Well, software and developers are working hard to make your lives easier and more effective – therefore, you ought to know the apps, use them and get the task done in a more organized way.

1. Evernote

The note manager app which lets you make notes, organize list and tasks as per the requirement. It is one of the biggest contenders of One Note app. Evernote runs on both Mac and Windows platform.

2. TextExpander

A real time-saver for you! Using this application, you can save in abbreviations of your choice, and then escape from typing in the long text again and again. For example, you can add the ‘PHN’ and save it with your contact number.

While working on features of MacOS Mojave, and there’s a need of your number – you only have to type phn and this will automatically replace the text with the number entered.

3. TweetBot

This is for the Twitter users. Now, Twitter doesn’t offer their support on Mac devices, for quite a long time now. If you want to run Twitter on Mac, then you will have to install a third party app like the TweetBot for the Mac. It offers you an interface to login to your Twitter, and use the app entirely on your Mac.

4. Ulysses

If you are into long writing work where you need a clutter-free space and clean editor – then Ulysses is the ultimate option you can choose from!

5. NoodleSoft

Did I hear automation? Yes, Noodlesoft is an automation app, where you can set certain task and the app gets the job done automatically. You can instruct the app is delete certain old files, or organize the downloaded files into folders, so almost everything! Just set the task and you are good to go.

This was just one-fourth of the Mac Apps, so definitely you can search on more amazingly cool apps and Get smarter with Mac. If you have got any other suggestion, let me know in the comment section. 

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